The International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Recognition (ICPAR 2018) will be held on December 21-23, 2018, Sousse, Tunisia. It aims to provide one major international forum for discussions on recent advancements and achievements in different areas of pattern analysis and recognition. The conference is looking for new theoretical results, techniques and main applications on any aspect of pattern analysis and recognition, including but not restricted to the following topics:

  • Statistical, structural and syntactic pattern recognition,
  • Neural networks,
  • Machine learning,
  • Data mining
  • Graph-based techniques for pattern recognition,
  • Object recognition,
  • Signal analysis,
  • Image coding and processing,
  • Shape and texture analysis
  • Computer vision,
  • Robotics,
  • Remote sensing
  • Document processing,
  • Text and graphics recognition,
  • Digital libraries
  • Speech recognition,
  • Music analysis,
  • Multimedia systems
  • Natural language analysis,
  • Information retrieval
  • Biometrics,
  • Biomedical pattern analysis,
  • Scientific applications of pattern recognition,
  • Engineering applications of pattern recognition,
  • Social applications of pattern recognition,
  • Economical applications of pattern recognition,

All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the international program committee; additional reviewers will be consulted if needed. Paper acceptance will be based on originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of presentation. 


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